Cart Barn Inn is luxury and Elegance in a brown paper bag                       

              Don't judge this book by its cover

              One never knows what of value is hidden inside a paper bag

                 How we got started...      


In 1994, Mr. Harry Waller had a dream to build and maintain a golf course in the small town of  Bruce, Mississippi where he had already been successful in other businesses.  He developed just over 100 acres into a quality 9-hole golf course with 45 home-sites on the hillside overlooking the golf course.  Mr. Harry died in January 1998, but not before realizing his dream.  Today, Yoda Creek Golf Course is recognized as a premier golf course in North Mississippi.


As management changed along with the times, it became obvious that there was a need for lodging on or near the property.  There were no adequate facilities within 30 miles for golfers, extended families, theatre goers, business people, University visitors, or other visitors to the Calhoun County area to stay in a comfortable environment.


The cart barn which housed the electric carts for Yoda Creek Golf Course was now almost abandoned and sitting idly by.  The idea to convert into the "Cart Barn Inn @ Yoda Creek" was an inspiration of the Lord.  We certainly would not have thought about it but we were praying about what to do with the almost empty cart barn.  When Paul said he believed the Lord showed him to make it into a hotel, B&B, we went to work drawing up the layout of the rooms and gathering information on what to do and how to do it.  It was amazing how everything came together and all the innovative, unique and unusual ideas that came to mind.  The Cart Barn Inn @ Yoda Creek still is reminiscent of the cart barn on the outside.  We wanted to keep the integrity of the cart barn on the outside and build on the "Cart Barn Inn" on the inside.  So we proceeded to create the WOW factor when the door from the outside opens and the guest step inside.  I believe this was accomplished and we hear "O My Goodness", "WOW I NEVER expected this."  The outside is a blessing and a curse.  If you have never stayed at the Cart Barn Inn, the first impression being the outside of the building, can be a little disconcerting because it was left to look like a cart barn.  Once inside all the misgivings and wonder are replaced with Wonder and Smiles.  We wanted to give Bruce, Calhoun County and our guests something special, something they did not expect.  Something everyone could be proud to be a part of and always look forward to that return visit.  This is confirmed every time someone leaves and books to come back or calls and says I can hardly wait to get back to Cart Barn Inn @ Yoda Creek.   We are elegance and luxury in a brown paper bag.  Don't judge this book by its cover.
To see a few of the changes and see how unique and unusual  the idea is, Room pictures can be viewed by clicking on Photo Gallery and more information is on the contact us page and also the FAQ page.

In May 2007, a plan started taking shape for the purpose of creating such an environment to benefit visitors as well as Calhoun County.  Construction began August 2007 with the CART BARN INN @ YODA CREEK hotel officially opening and hosting guests on September 21, 2007.  Conversion of the 6800SF cart barn was a reality.

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