Bruce Chamber is open for your convenience 662-983-2222

Bruce and Calhoun County is a wonderful place to live, visit and play.  We want to welcome you and ask you to step in, kick back, stay awhile and enjoy the feeling of belonging and mixing it up with down home people, wonderful shopping, excellent restaurants.


Yoda Creek Golf Club is open seven days a week and is adjacent Cart Barn Inn @ Yoda Creek.  Yoda Creek Golf Club is semi-private and open to the public.  Yoda Creek Grill is open for lunch daily.  Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Fried Bologna Sandwiches, Wraps, etc.  For more information call 662-983-9632 (Yoda)



   Home Town Cafe  662-983-7777 Owner Tammy Tallant.    Great catfish, hamburger steaks, hamburgers, salads.  Open for lunch daily during the week.  Open Tuesday thru Friday nights.  Off the square behind Artifacts on hwy 32 East. 


The Bruce Square is home town at its best.  One can spend the day parked on the Bruce square, going in and out of specialty shops.  Everyone will greet you with a smile and may I help you. 
Jeffery's Owners Paula & Miles Jeffery & Ellen Shaw.  Jeffery's offers light lunch on the square in Bruce.   Stop by Jeffery's and get someone to serve you lunch at their 1950's lunch counter as you spin around on the counter stool and remember how wonderful it was to order a milk shake and listen to Elvis sing on the juke box.   You can still order the milk shake or have a delightful tea room menu for lunch in their dining area.  Don't miss Jeffrey's it is delightful for all to share.  It is the first building as you turn onto the square from the red light (our only red light)662-983-2880.  Open daily except Sunday.


  Pizza Palace  662-983-4330  Pizza Bill is from Greece and has wonderful pizza (always ask for extra cheese).  Great lunch buffet with pizza, spaghetti, chicken, vegetables, salads, and more.  Open every day and night except Sunday.  Also has great hamburger and other sandwiches
  Vera Cruz Mexican Restaurant:  Mexican Food at its best. 662-983-3500  From Cart Barn Inn take a right at the light, hwy 32 west and then take your 1st right past Sonic.  Vera Cruz is on the right at the end of the block. Open every day and night except Monday.
  Sawmill Restaurant 662-983-9500  Great buffet.  Home cooked vegetables, several meats, dessert.   Hwy 9 across the railroad track 1/8 miles from the red light.


   Sonic:  Turn on hwy 32 west.  Sonic is on the right.662-983-4353
 Subway: Just to the east of Bruce's signal light.

Hill's Bait Shop.  Don't let the name fool you.  A wonderful buffet for lunch.  Home cooked vegetables, and several meats, dessert.  1/8 mile from the redlight on hwy 32 West.  Right side of the hwy.  Open for lunch.


  Paisleys Boardwalk Steakhouse, 104 N Main St.  Calhoun City, Big Creek.  662-628-1862

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