Brett Leigh Hamilton
Cart Barn Inn, Innkeeper


74 County Road 259, Sam Nations Rd

Bruce, MS 38915

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always a smile
Connie Ferguson Arrington and Betty Box Mckibben enjoy spending time together. Everything is fun and laughter
Terry Williams Guest & beautiful granddaughter Sarah Michael celebrate together time. Cart Barn Inn is a wonderful place to get away and have memory making time.
Cart Barn Inn has the most wonderful guest.
There is nothing better than a family get together at Cart Barn Inn.
People come from all directions to stay at Cart Barn Inn. These guest are here for dog trials. They are a fun crew.
It's a Happy Birthday party at Cart Barn Inn. Family came from far and wide. One perk of Cart Barn Inn is when you fully occupy Cart Barn Inn there is no extra charge for using the back porch, garden, gazebo as a birthday venue.
Celebrating birthdays and family time
What a beauty.
Cart Barn Inn thanks our veterans with a night at CBI and a wonderful breakfast. Thank you for your service Vinney and Bree
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Charles and Annie are more than great friends of Cart Barn Inn. They are family.
James Metcalf at Christmas time at CBI
These ladies hail from New York & England. What a wonderful time we have with you.
Cindy Havens enjoys the season at CBI
Beautiful time of the year and a beautiful Cart Barn Inn guest.
Sophia is enjoying the swing on the back porch
Browsing 1-20 of 26